Women's Shooting Sports

Women’s Shooting Sports

TSRA endeavors to involve women, from novices to experts through engaging seminars that assist women to examine the many levels of firearms possession and shooting. The topics covered in the seminars are designed to educate women on how to purchase their first firearm. Sessions Such as; basic firearms safety, primary purpose of the firearm, basic training, and Ladies’ Shooting Programs will be included.

There has been a huge movement of ladies getting curious about guns since 2009. There are various avenues to discover and explore information about firearms ownership. TSRA invites you to not only learn about the different types of gun ownership but also about the rich history we have here in Texas about women possessing and using firearms for generations.

As a member of TSRA, there are many benefits available to women in Texas.  There are many reasons for owning firearms such as; plinking, defense, collecting, hunting, competition, and shooting sports throughout Texas. Many of our Texas schools offer such programs as NJROTC, Junior Recruiting Officer Training Corps) along with 4H programs for the younger school ages.

As we continue to grow with the times, and ever-changing shooting sports we will continue to offer exciting shooting programs involving all levels, including our young ladies.

For more information, please contact:

Tammy Stein
Women Shooting Sports Director