BB Gun

BB Gun


A BB gun program should be the basis, the beginning, for all other shooting sports. The BB gun program is a sponsored nationally by Gamo Daisy and the NRA, but administered by many different organizations in each state such as TSRA, 4H, American Legion, Lions Clubs, Jaycees, Boy Scouts, Royal Rangers and others. Starting a BB gun program is very easy and does not require a great deal of equipment. The BB gun program is an excellent introduction for young shooters into the world of competitive rifle shooting. The Daisy BB Gun program and competitions require the use of the Daisy model 499 BB Gun and Daisy BBs. A garage or other area that can accommodate a range of 5 meters (16 feet 4.75 inches) and shooting lanes four feet in width will be suitable for your program. The starting age for BB gun competition varies by agency, but competitors age out at 16.


Both Daisy and the NRA provide rules governing equipment, range rules and competitions. Daisy provides a Ten Lesson curriculum that is designed for a 6 week program. The curriculum provides guidance for the instructors and goals for each lesson. The lessons cover gun handling safety, range rules, basic competition positions and much more. The contestants at each match are tested over the curriculum. The test is 20% of the contestants’ overall score, so a competitor must be a good student as well as a marksman. The NRA rules are covered as a part of the test administered at the Daisy National BB Gun Championship held each Fourth of July weekend in Rogers, Arkansas.

The Basics

The path to the national competition is through one of the listed administering agencies. Teams made up of five competitors and two alternates must compete in an organization’s state wide competition. The top three teams from the state competition are then qualified to compete at the national championship in Rogers, Arkansas. Beginning a young shooter in this program opens them to a whole world of life long possibilities in shooting sports. The 2016 US Gold Medalist in air rifle competition, Lydia Patterson, began her shooting career in the BB gun program.

How To Get Started

Step 1: Join TSRA

Step 2: Contact TSRA Directors below

Sammy Segner
BB Director