Outdoor Conventional Pistol

Outdoor Conventional Pistol


In Outdoor Conventional Pistol competitors shoot handguns at paper targets at fixed distances and time limits. Emphasis is on accuracy and precision while competitors shoot identical 90-round courses with three different guns.


  1. .22 Caliber Rimfire Pistol or Revolver
  2. .32 to .45 Caliber Rimfire Pistol or Revolver for the Centerfire matches
  3. .45 Caliber Pistol or Revolver for the .45 Caliber matches
  4. Spotting Scopes
  5. Hearing and Eye Protection

The Basics

Outdoor Conventional pistol competition consists of firing slow, timed, and rapid-fire stages. This is done at 50 and 25 yards outdoors. Generally, an outdoor match will consist of 30 shots, slow fire at 50 yards, 30 shots, timed fire at 25 yards, and 30 shots of rapid fire at 25 yards. This match consists of 90 shots for a possible aggregate total of 900 points using a .22 caliber pistol or revolver. Additional stages can be added using centerfire handguns for a total aggregate of 2700 points.

How To Get Started

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Step 2: Contact TSRA Directors below

Josh Wyatt
Pistol Director

Odie Hitt

Pistol Director