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Garand, Vintage Military, Civilian Marksmanship (CMP) Games are all names for the same match, it is a division of High Power Service Rifle where shooters use an as-issued rifle to compete at a range of 200 yards in the standing, sitting, and prone positions.


The John C. Garand Match started in 1998 when the CMP included it in the match schedule.  Due to the popularity of the match subsequent matches were added for 1903/A3 Springfield, Vintage Military, M1 Carbine, Vintage Sniper Team, and Modern Military. These are collectively called CMP Games Matches.  

In Texas, many monthly Garand matches can be found around the state, as it only requires a 200-yard range.  The TSRA State Garand Match has been held since the early 2000s. 

Texas has a long history of participation in the CMP Games matches, at the national rifle matches held each year at Camp Perry Ohio.

Texans have won the following games matches at the nationals:

Garand – High Grand Senior

Garand – High Senior

M1 Carbine – Commercial

M1 Carbine – High Senior

Modern Military – High Grand Senior

Springfield – High Senior

Vintage Military Bolt Rifle – Overall

Vintage Sniper – Semi-auto Team


Rifle must be as-issued unless shooting in the Unlimited class.  Each match has rules for allowable rifle types and many are self-explanatory such as Garand, M1 Carbine or Springfield. 

The Vintage Military Rifle match in general is any bolt action rifle issued by a military anywhere in the world.  This leads to the most variety of any match as you will see rifles such as Mausers, Krags, Schmidt-Rubens, Mosin-Nagants and Enfields all in competition against each other.

The newest matches are the Modern Military match, which is geared toward surplus semi-auto rifles (a full listing of allowable rifles can be found in the CMP Games Rules).  Included in this match are M1As, retro AR-15s, FNFALs, and other various rifles.  There is also an Unlimited class that opens it up to almost any modern sporting rifle and allows optics.

Rifles for the Vintage Sniper Match are basically rifles used before 1953, and a complete list of rifles and scopes can be found in the CMP Games Rules.

Other than the rifle the basic equipment needed is as follows:

1.       Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI)

2.      Eye and ear protection

3.       Ammunition ( 55 or 35 rounds, depending on match format)

4.      Sling

5.       Spotting scope and stand

6.      Shooting glove

7.       Shooting coat

8.      Magazines

9.      Loading block

10.   Mat

11.   Scorebook

12.   Shooting stool or cart

The Basics

Firing is done standing, sitting and prone.  Shooters may use a sling in the sitting and prone position. 

Traditionally all shooters will have pit duty pulling targets, but many ranges are moving to electronic targets. 

Achievement medals are awarded based on a standardized score range.

Courses of Fire

The entire match is shot at 200 yards on a standard SR1 target.  Matches consist of either 30 shots or 50 shots.  The 30-shot match consists of 10 shots fired stand, rapid prone, and slow prone.  The 50-shot match adds 10 shots in the sitting position and an additional 10 shots in slow prone.

Match programs will have full details.

How to Get Started

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