About Us

About Us

TSRA is considered the premier firearms association in the Great State of Texas!

The tens of thousands of members from across the state include individuals from all walks of life who have a common goal of protecting the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.

Regardless of whether you own a firearm or not, if you believe in supporting the U.S. Constitution and the rights of legal, law-abiding citizens, then the TSRA is for you. Since 1919, TSRA has served Texans by:

  • Protecting the lawful possession and use of firearms
  • Providing gun safety training
  • Supporting shooting sports, hunter education, and wildlife conservation efforts.

TSRA works diligently on your behalf, providing you with a strong voice in the State of Texas regarding your rights to firearms and their use. As a TSRA member, you are helping yourself and other Texans enjoy the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. Membership also provides the advantage of being informed on national and state firearms and Second Amendment issues.

TSRA’s headquarters is located in Bastrop, Texas, with a staff of dedicated employees to serve its membership. The Board of Directors, Officers, and Regional Directors are all hard-working volunteers, elected by members, and located in each region of our great state.

TSRA Mailing Address

944 Hwy 71 E.,

Bastrop, TX 78602