Member Benefits


TSRA is the premier Texas firearms organization helping to protect your right to keep and bear arms!

TSRA works diligently on your behalf, allowing you to have a voice in the state of Texas regarding your rights with firearms and their use. As a TSRA member, you are helping yourself and other Texans protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, and you have the advantage of being informed on issues and situations regarding firearms ownership and pursuing competitive shooting.

Your TSRA membership provides you with information and assistance including:

  • 2nd Amendment Defense in the Texas Legislature
  • Updates on Government and Legislative Issues
  • Subscription to the TSRA Sportsman
  • Education and Training Opportunities
  • Qualification for CMP Purchases and Programs
  • Discounts Offered to TSRA Members by Businesses
  • Law Enforcement Committee
  • Hunting and Wildlife Committee
  • Gun Collecting Committee
  • Women’s Issues Committee
  • Texas State Championship Match Competitions
  • Annual General Membership Meeting and Banquet


In addition, the TSRA works to maintain the image of gun owners and works to manage events in and around Texas, including:


  • Working with Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Working with Texas Parks and Wildlife
  • Junior Shooters support through 4-H and Junior Olympics
  • Supplying Pro-Rights Information to Media Outlets
  • Hosting Special Youth Training Events
  • George Tubb Scholarship for Texas A&M University
  • TSRA Foundation Scholarships
  • Promoting Individual Responsibility
  • Sanctioning 20+ State Championships in different Shooting Disciplines

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