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High Power Rifle, Mid-range Range is a division of High Power Rifle Shooting where shooters compete at ranges between 300, 500, and 600 Yards in the prone position.

There are several categories of rifles allowed:

  • Any Rifle/Any Sights (Rule 3.2 includes Match Rifle and Palma Rifle)
  • Service Rifle (Rules 3.1(a-e))
  • F-Open Rifle (Rule 3.4(a))
  • F-TR Rifle (Rule 3.4(b))
  • NRA Mid-Range (Prone) Tactical Rifle (AR) - Rule 3.3.3


Each of the rifle types listed above has rules that can be found in the latest edition of the NRA Rule book. 

Other than the rifle, the basic equipment needed is as follows:

1.       Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI)

2.      Eye and ear protection

3.       Ammunition (depends on match format)

4.      Sling or Bipod or Rest

5.       Spotting scope and stand

6.      Shooting glove (sling only)

7.       Shooting coat

8.      Loading block

9.      Mat

10.   Scorebook

11.   Shooting stool or cart

The Basics

Mid-Range High Power Rifle Matches are entirely slow fire from the prone position.  Courses of fire are usually 20 rounds for record with sighting shots. Each string of fire allows the use of sighters before shots are recorded for score.  Sighters are shot one at a time (shoot, wait for the target to be scored, shoot again) but are not included in the score.

Courses of Fire

From the prone position, 15 or 20 shots with sighters.  Shooters are allowed 1 minute per shot and must complete all record shots and sighters within the allotted time for each stage of fire.  Stages of fire may be at 300, 500 or 600 yards.

Match programs will have full details.

How to Get Started

Step 1: Join TSRA

Step 2: Contact TSRA Directors below

Ben Brooks
High Power Rifle Director