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Run Off Election Dates and More!

Several Primary Races were not decided by 50+% of the total vote.  The top two candidates will face each other in a winner-takes-all run-off.  Early Voting runs April 5th thru April 9th with Primary Run-Off Election Day being held on April 13th.

NRA tells me there are no endorsed Federal candidates with run-off elections, so all will be on the State level.

If you voted in the Republican Primary, you're voter registration card will be stamped "Republican" and like wise if you voted Democrat.   Texas does not allow crossing party lines during the primary, only during the Fall general election.   So check the revised voter's guide at , the website belonging to the political arm of the Texas State Rifle Association for the Primary Election Results and I've highlighted those races with a run-off.

Your job isn't done!  Get back to the polls and send the best candidates to Austin.

Look over the results and the run-off version of the voter's guide and think about this:  In the Republican Primary,  Governor Rick Perry claimed 754,000 votes, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison- 448,000 votes, and Ms. Medina 275,000.   There were seven Democratic candidates for governor and together they brought 678, 877 votes, less than Governor Perry.  Mr. White's race claimed 517,000.   You'll find these numbers and more on the Texas Secretary of State's web site at  

Looks like some folks will be working hard to minimize differences and whip up votes.  It should be an interesting summer.   



Feb. 26th~Last Day for Early Voting!

Today, Friday, Feb. 26th is the last day to vote early to support the candidate representing the political party of your choice, Democratic or Republican.   Remember you can cross party lines in the fall when you vote in the General Election. 

Election Day is Tuesday, March 2nd.   This election year lays the ground work for congressional redistricting, impacting the next decade in Texas.   The future is in your hands. 

Be prepared to return to the polls for run off elections!  A winner in a primary race must take 50% plus of the vote.  If no candidae has plus 50% of the vote the top two will meet again.   We'll give you the dates!

There are no term limits in Texas!   See TSRA scores and endorsements at  



Primary Elections and Candidate Ratings~An Explanation

There's nothing like the election cycle to bring out the best and worst in candidates and voters alike.  Voters should be passionate.  There are always a number of calls to TSRA that begin "Where do you get off...."  and you can fill in the blank from there.    The caller will say we've not endorsed the only true conservative in a race or we have endorsed another dang Democrat, Rhino Republican, etc.   Fortunately there's a process.

For the incumbent-candidate, someone not changing the office they currently hold, we review their recent record vote or actions on 2nd Amendment, Concealed Carry, or Hunting issues.   This is much the same process used by NRA to score members of the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.   So an incumbent who currently holds a particular office and is seeking reelection, and

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The Story Behind The Gun Show Crises in Austin


For 13 years Saxet Gun Shows held monthly gun shows on private property in North Austin.  The first site was on Hwy 290 until Virginia College leased the entire building.  The second location, same property managers, was a defunct Sam's Club building in a declining neighborhood on North Lamar.   The Saxet Shows were always filled to capacity with great vendors and hired rent-a-cops who were visible at the doors and in the parking lot.  In addition, Austin law enforcement officers are frequent patrons of gun shows.

In October 2009, Saxet quit the North Austin site after problems with building management, not with the property owners and not with local law enforcement or the city of Austin.   Saxet always expected to return.

Current Situation

Darwin Boedeker from San Antonio moved Texas Gun Shows into the same location, the Crockett Center, an old Sam's Club building on North Lamar, on the heels of the Saxet Show's exit.   Darwin's monthly show wasn't nearly as large, only about 100+ tables, but it filled the void and gun show life went on.

January 14th I was contacted by a vendor with a table at Texas Gun Shows who forwarded an email received that day from the promoter, Darwin Boedeker.   The email announced to vendors, "Darwin had a meeting today with the Austin Police Dept. and the ATF.  He was instructed that any gun show held in Austin could ONLY have licensed FFL dealers".    Later the same day, I was forwarded a follow-up email also sent by Texas Gun Shows to their vendors explaining how private transactions would be handled:  "..all private transactions must go through an FFL dealer at the show.  This is so the gun can be logged in and a background check can be done on the buyer, be it another vendor or public."

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First Decade of the Millenium in the Rear View Mirror

Y-2K Begins a Republican Decade

New Year's Day 2000 found TSRA members surviving Y-2K without a problem and enjoying a Republican governor, George W. Bush. The Texas House was controlled by a Democratic majority, as usual, with conservative Democrat Pete Laney as Speaker. The Texas Senate was also controlled by a Democratic majority, as usual; although Texans had elected another powerful Republican, Rick Perry as Lieutenant Governor. The Lt. Governor in Texas as President of the State Senate is possibly the most influential position in Texas politics.

TSRA closed out the 90's in pretty good shape. With TSRA's Doc Brown at the helm, Concealed Carry Law had finally passed. The issue cost one Governor her job but GWB come on-board and announced to the Legislature that "if you get it to my desk, I'll sign it". They did and he did. Doc also pushed through bills to protect hunters and their game from anti-hunting harrassment in the field. In addition Doc worked to pass what we call Firearm Preemption law to reenforce the Texas Constitution and prevent Texas city and county government from creating ordinances restricting the sale or possession of firearms. Texas won't have a city opting out of the law such as we see in Chicago and Seattle. There was a lot more to do so we hit the ground running in 2000.

A major concern back in 2000 is the same as today. Redistricting

Once a decade the federal government conducts a national census and based on the numbers, and any shifts in population, new lines are drawn for Congressional Districts, State House Districts, and State Senate Districts. Redistricting "created" an opportunity for a Republican majority in the first decade of 2000; and right, wrong, or indifferent gun owners benefitted from the redistricting changes in Texas.

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