Monday, April 21, 2014
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Otis McDonald v The City of Chicago~A Fragile Victory

The Seventh Circuit Court ruled in favor of the city of Chicago's decade’s long prohibition on citizens buying or possessing handguns within the city's limits.   The suit was been brought on behalf of Otis McDonald, a community activist, working in the worst of Chicago neighborhoods. 

Early in 2010 the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal.

You might recall TSRA participated with 40+ NRA state affiliate association across the country in an amicus brief to support a favorable ruling.   This morning the ruling was made public, 5-4 a very narrow margin of victory.

While we applaud and celebrate the victory for Otis McDonald and the citizens of Chicago and the strengthening of 2nd amendment rights we must stop and consider how slim the margin.   One more liberal justice, politicizing from the bench and all could be lost.  Will President Obama appoint that liberal judge?   Will we not only be forced to face new federal laws which attack our first amendment rights and curtail free speech during election campaigns,  will the second amendment begin to erode away also one justice at a time, one case at a time?


This year's general election is the most important election possibly in this century, certainly in this decade.  Those elected in Texas will take new census figures and begin to carve up the state and like it or not, the party that "wins" will be the party in control.  

If you think TSRA has been able to pass ten years worth of pro-gun legislation because we've been "lucky", think again!   The 2000 general election set the stage for gun owner’s successes which have eroded away with each election since that time.   The outcome of the 2009 session is the key indicator.

You can turn the tide, you can elect pro-gun conservatives in Texas who will in turn protect you in Congress and pass the bills we need to pass in Texas.

Thank God for McDonald v Chicago, thank God for TSRA's ability to participate in supporting the ruling with a great many other groups, but don't stop now!   You must be active and you must be aggressive, and you must elect and reelect those who would help and support gun owners in Texas and in Congress.

Stop the urban liberal movement eroding away our individual and personal rights.  

Vote in November and vote armed with logic and information!    




Alice Tripp, Legislative Director


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