Last Chance! TSRA Membership Drive

As the Texas State Rifle Association has mentioned numerous times – if every member of TSRA would sign up a new member, we would double our membership overnight.

Now it is time to put that challenge to the test!

We’re providing an incentive for you to sign up or recruit a NEW¬†member. That incentive is four outstanding firearms as prizes. One of the prizes will go to the member who signs up the most new members and one prize will go to the member who brings in the most money with new memberships. Each member who signs up a new member will also be entered into a random drawing.

However, members cannot sponsor their own renewal and be eligible to win. Any member of the TSRA Board of Directors or any TSRA Recruiter is not eligible to win. We will draw and announce the winners on February 25, 2017. All forms are due to the TSRA office by February 17, 2017.

There are 2 ways for you to sign up or recruit a new member.

  1. Go online to www.tsra.com and have them put your Member # in the “Sponsoring Member #” box.
  2. Download and send in the Membership Drive Form to the TSRA office.

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