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Texas School District Offers Concealed Carry Class

The Judson Independent School District, Live Oak, Texas, offers a variety of Adult and Community Education classes.    Live Oak is located in northeast Bexar Co, a suburb of San Antonio.  It's a large and growing community where one would expect to find classes in digital photograph, auto maintenance, and Adventure Clubs for Kids.

What might be a bit special about Judson ISD is that among the classes listed in the Judison Journal are several offerings for the Texas concealed handgun class.

Ed Sheeran is the instructor and the class is listed at $75 for new licensees and $50 for renewals.  The theory portion of the class is offered on Saturdays in the Judson Learning Academy, the local high school and all gun handling is done at a local range. 

Just a simple community service message for an enlightened independent school district. 


VOTERS GUIDE and Changes

Within a few minutes after posting the 2010 TSRA General Election Voter's Guide, I received a caustic email from a Democrat, a Republican, and one really ticked-off Libertarian.    This is my 6th election cycle with TSRA and the controversy is not new and in a free country should be expected and even appreciated.

It's good to know that TSRA members, all proud Texans, work hard for their candidates and are passionate about voting.  If this weren't the case, we'd all be in a whole lot of trouble.  Apathy is the end of personal freedoms.

So we're yelled at for being too this, not enough that, and just down right too stupid for something else. 

I graciously, sometimes less than graciously, answer every question about candidate scoring and candidate endorsements.  I provide information to support every decision but if it's not what you want to hear for some other reason, then it is what it is.    You send them to Austin and I work with them there and let you know how they're doing on one issue and one issue alone.

Also, I watch for candidates to slip up and contradict their stand on 2nd Amendment issues and in today's world with today's technology, I'm emailed the clip before the person can make it off the stage.   Remember Clayton Williams?  He became the symbol for campaign slips.

I was sent a clip earlier this year by a TSRA member at a city council meeting in the Panhandle where former State Rep. Delwin Jones tried to explain why he voted against concealed carry law fifteen years ago.  He failed to mention why he voted for all seven or eight of the gutting amendments.   All of it was poppycock.

Who woulda thought we'd remember and share the information about his voting record years later?   By the way, Rep. Jones never sought "redemption" and the only candidate questionnaire I ever received from him was about as bad as they get.   So he lost in the 2010 Primary after all those years.

So look for the Voter's Guide on the PAC web page and look over the home page there also.  We are making changes to the guide as needed and adding comments to the home page as needed.



Harry Reid, Chet Edwards, and More

Attention TSRA members:

Available information on various political races can be found at    The TSRA-Political Action Committee is kept seperate from TSRA, the non-profit association, as required by law.  

Look for the link at the bottom of the TSRA home page or click above.  Sign up here and at for email alerts concerning coming elections and later when State Legislative Session begins in January 2011.



C.B. Copeland-Casualty of the Austin Gun Show Chaos

Last January 2010 the internet went viral with rumors centered around a gun show held in Austin, Texas.   TSRA was on top of the situation within two hours and reported to members that the gun show promoter, Darwin Boedeker, had met with BATF agents, Austin PD from the nuisance unit, and building owners and had agreed to not allow private sales at this gun show. 

TSRA was forwarded the email notice Mr. Boedeker put out to his vendors after that meeting.  Charles Cotton, TSRA's executive director and I spoke with Mr. Boedeker on speaker phone.   The call was on Friday before the Saturday/Sunday gun show.  There would be no private sales without a background check as per Mr. Boekeker's agreement.  

On Saturday Gun Show attendees were met at the door with a handbill giving the same information, anyone without an FFL wanting to sell or trade a firearm must do so through an FFL.  Vendors and attendees were angry, as you can imagine.

C.B. Copeland usually had a table at this show, he did not have an FFL and only bought and sold a few handguns from his collection and other gun-related stuff.   Mr. Copeland admits he knew this gun show was under close scrutiny.

On Saturday three young Hispanic men came by Mr. Copeland's table and asked about a handgun.  One wanted to make a purchase and Mr. Copeland asked him if he had identification.  The intended purchaser did not, although one in the group produced a Texas driver's license.  The three moved on.

Three times the three young man came by the table and on the third pass, the young man with the driver's license, produced the cash, and bought the handgun.   Evidently the gun was passed off, almost immediately, inside or outside the building, to another of the three.  This man, not only had no identification, he was an illegal alien.    

The three were arrested and officers came to Mr. Copeland's table and confiscated his firearm.  I received a text message and then a cell phone call from a TSRA member standing at the table as it happened.

Mr. Copeland was not "taken away", only the firearms on his table for sale.   When we talked with him on the phone and asked him why he broke the "rules" of the show, he said, "By golly, it's my constitutional right."

Since January we heard from Mr. Copeland once, complaining he couldn't get BATF to release his merchandise.

Read more: C.B. Copeland-Casualty of the Austin Gun Show Chaos


Senator Cornyn on Confirmation of Elena Kagan

Texas U.S. Senator John Cornyn, a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, held a phone conference today with Texans representing 2nd Amendment groups and representing veterans.

Senator led off the discussion by telling us the committee concluded hearing testimony today but has deferred its vote, as is the custom, until next Tuesday.  He went on to say that he did not voted to confirm Elena Kagan to be the U.S. Solicitor General due to her lack of experience and lack of qualifications to represent the U.S. Government as the #2 person below our U.S. Attorney General and expected to arrive at this same conclusion on her nomination to the highest court.

Elena Kagan has not actively practiced law.   She has never served on the bench, never been a judge.  Ms. Kagan has no practical experience in law whatsoever.   Her  background in the law is purely academic and political as she's been a professor at Harvard Law School and was on President Clinton's staff as a member of his legal counsel. 

During the Judiciary Committee's questions, Ms. Kagan was asked if she agreed the 5-4 in McDonald v Chicago reflects U.S. law.  She answered "yes".   However, one has to remember this is an appointment for life.

During confirmation hearings Justice Sonia Sotomayor answered similar 2nd amendment questions leading the Senate to believe she viewed 2nd amendment rights as individual rights.  Justice Sotomayor offered one of the dissenting votes in the McDonald ruling. 

TSRA members, would you "hire" Elena Kagan, a person without the background, experience or qualifications for the job she's being handed, to safeguard any of your rights, much less the 2nd Amendment?  Charles Cotton, our outgoing executive director, and I added TSRA members' concerns and urged Senator Cornyn to continue to do all he can to slow down and stop the confirmation of Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court.

We urge you to support Senator Cornyn's efforts and thank him.

U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison should be contacted using the form at this web address:

Contac President Obama and urge him to withdraw Elena Kagan's name from nomination as unqualified and unsuitable.     


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Alice Tripp, Legislative Director


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