Acting Executive Director

E-Mail - ExecDir@tsra.com

In addition to her duties as President of TSRA, Dorcia is the Acting Executive Director. Dorcia is a retired police officer who served the city of Fort Worth for 31 years, with the last 14 years as the Fort Worth Police Department’s Rangemaster. A firearms instructor since 1985, she is currently working as an adjunct instructor for Safariland Training Group and has designed and led officer survival classes for women law enforcement officers across the country. Dorcia holds many state and national shooting titles, including winning the women's NRA Police Pistol Combat championship five times. She is a Defender Member of TSRA and an Endowment Member with the NRA.


Legislative Director

E-Mail - LegDir@tsra.com

Alice has been the Legislative Director since 1998. As TSRA’s legislative lobbyist, she replaced long-time lobbyist Dr. James T. Brown. Her first session was 1999. Over the years, she has worked closely with the Texas Legislature to support Second Amendment issues including CHL, hunting, and general gun ownership. Her duties also include rating and endorsing candidates and incumbent legislators and managing TSRA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) fund. Alice’s background includes years of volunteer work with NRA, a love of hunting, and operating a cow/calf farm. She is a Defender Member of TSRA.


Membership Outreach Coordinator

E-Mail - Outreach@tsra.com

A recent addition to the TSRA office staff is Vicki Huyge, who is filling the role of Membership Outreach Coordinator. Vicki is involved with publication of the Sportsman bi-monthly magazine, coordination of information for the TSRA website and Newsbrief, Social Media and other membership related efforts. Vicki is a life-long shooter who has actively participated in hunting, pistol shooting and coaching, Cowboy Action, High Power, Police Pistol Combat, Sporting Clays and various other firearm related activities. She is a true believer in support of the Second Amendment, and the mission of TSRA. Vicki is a Life Member of TSRA and a member of the NRA.


Executive Director Assistant

E-Mail - Admin@tsra.com

Jan has been the Executive Director Assistant since 2005. Jan relocated from the Dallas-Fort Worth Area with TSRA, when the association moved to Austin in 2009. Jan’s involvement with the TSRA includes serving as member of the Texas Youth Education Summit Committee and the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program Committee. Jan also serves as the TSRA Political Action Committee’s Treasurer. She’s a Hunter’s Education and a NRA Certified Pistol Instructor. Jan lives on 10 acre farm outside of Austin with her daughter Jessica. Jan is an Endowment Member of TSRA.


Member Services Coordinator

E-Mail - Merchandise@tsra.com

Sharee has been the Member Services Coordinator since 2016. Previously, she served as the Customer Service Specialist. Sharee became involved with the Texas State Rifle Association thanks to her husband, Michael, a longtime volunteer for the association. She volunteered for the Annual General Meeting, and then was hired in March 2012 to work for the association. Sharee and Michael live in Bastrop with their two children, Jaydden and Layna. Sharee has a Family Membership with TSRA.


Customer Service Specialist

E-Mail - CustomerService@tsra.com

Kim has been the Customer Service Specialist since December 2016. Kim, or as she is known by her Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) alias “Six Goin’ South,” is a Cowboy Action Shooter and is a member of numerous CAS clubs in the area. Kim thinks the best thing about working at TSRA is talking to the members, because they have funny stories to tell her and are friendly and courteous. She met her partner, Kirk or Kickshot (his alias), in 1986, and they have lived in Austin since 1994. They have a rescue Llaso Apso, Harry / Booger, who is 8 years old. Kim has a Family Membership with TSRA.