By joining TSRA and supporting the Texas State Rifle Association Political Action Committee (TSRA PAC) you will be ensuring there is always a strong voice for you in the voting booth and at the Texas Capitol fighting for your rights to purchase and possess firearms for personal protection, for hunting, for competitive shooting or for other reasons.

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Regardless of whether you own a firearm or not, if you believe in supporting the U.S and the Texas Constitutions and in supporting the rights of legal, law-abiding citizens, then the TSRA is for you and we urge you to become a member.

TSRA works diligently on your behalf, providing you with access to information while providing you with a strong, organized voice in the State of Texas regarding your rights with firearms and their use.

The Texas State Rifle Association is dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment rights of our citizens while expanding those rights to keep and Bear Arms.

The association organized in 1919 and continues today with a rock-solid reputation in Texas as the premiere, award-winning NRA state affiliate. We are not a part of the National Rifle Association but work closely with NRA in the spirit of harmony and cooperation and always with Texans in mind.

TSRA is the only firearms association which continuously maintains a professional state lobbyist, providing political clout to our members and speaking directly to our officials on Second Amendment issues. County, State and Federal elected officials call on TSRA for our expertise and advice when it pertains to firearm-related issues in our state. We have the network, we have the reputation, and we have the history.

The TSRA PAC is in place to educate voters, candidates for office, the media and the general public regarding issues linked to the freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. 

For more information, please contact:
Alice Tripp

Legislative Director