Our Gun Collecting Director Darryl Valdes has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. He is always willing to help out fellow TSRA members and steer them in the right direction, connect them with a local club, or guide them to a reputable source to buy or sell a collectible gun.


With tens of thousands of members within TSRA it makes sense that we would have a wide range of members with a passion for gun collecting! These collectors interests range from antique and classic arms collecting, firearms spanning a specific historical era, classic sporting guns, military weapons, custom guns, and every variation on the above you can think of.

Gun collectors range from those just getting started or who those who inherited a relative's collection, to lifelong enthusiasts who are experts in their area of interest.

Gun collecting centers around five key elements. These are Make and Model, Condition, Rarity, History, and Art. The trading of collector guns is done through a wide variety of outlets each with pros and cons. These include the internet, live cataloged auctions, gun shows, commercial shows, collector shows, specialty dealers, retail gun shops, as well as private sales among other collectors.

TSRA publishes articles about gun collecting topics in the Sportsman magazine and alerts members to upcoming gun shows and events through the TSRA calendar.

For more information, please contact:

Darryl Valdes
Gun Collecting Director

Odie Hitt
2nd Vice President