TSRA Statement on 2016 Presidential Election

Contact: Justin W. Williamson
November 8, 2016

TSRA Statement on Result of 2016 Presidential Election

Austin, TX – The Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA), the state’s largest firearms and shooting sports organization, released the following statement about the results of the 2016 Presidential Election:

“The voters across the country have spoken. With a Donald Trump presidency, we trust our 2nd Amendment will be protected, but we will not become complacent. The Texas State Rifle Association will remain committed, just like it has under the eight years of President Barack Obama, to represent the tens of thousands of law-abiding gun owners, sportsmen, and veterans who are members of the TSRA,” said Doug DuBois, Jr., Executive Director of the TSRA

“Even with a pro-2nd Amendment president like Mr. Trump, the 2nd Amendment will still come under attack from groups outside of Texas. With the strength of TSRA, we will continue our vigilance in defense of our 2nd Amendment preventing Texas from becoming another California or New York,” continued DuBois, Jr.

Founded in 1919, the Texas State Rifle Association is the largest firearms and shooting sports organization in Texas with nearly 40,000 members. TSRA is also the largest, award-winning state affiliate of the National Rifle Association and is sanctioned by the Civilian Marksmanship Program. As a part of its public education efforts, the association produces a full-color bimonthly publication, TSRA Sportsman, which updates members on current news, hunter education programs, shooting sports competitions, and important issues effecting their Second Amendment rights. The TSRA also hosts an annual meeting that features exciting fund-raising auctions, informative speakers, exhibitors, and other events. For membership or other information, visit www.TSRA.com or call 512.615.4200.


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